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    Welcome to our website!
    Millikin Basics+ students have fun, go on field trips, and love being at school.

    Millikin Basics+ students are kind, hard-working and respectful.

    Millikin Basics+ teachers and staff do whatever it takes to help students become the best they can be academically and emotionally.

    Millikin Basics+ has a strong PTA that supports, field trips, academics, science, and puts on great family events all throughout the year. They support the school through fundraisers and with volunteer time.

    Millikin Basics+ Parents are very involved in their child's learning and success.

    Millikin Basics+ does focus on art, music, social skills and STEAM as an important part of the learning experience..

    Millikin Basics+ accepts students of all backgrounds, abilities and status. All types of students are welcomed at Millikin.

    Millikin Basics+ supports students academically and socially and has a great support system for our struggling students.

    Millikin Basics+ has the largest elementary participation in Instrumental music.

    Millikin Basics+ has their own science and computer labs.

    Millikin Basics+ is a school of choice in Santa Clara Unified. We are a lottery school. Each year we hold an Open Enrollment Lottery, Applying for Millikin is done during the Open Enrollment period held in early January through early February.

    Millikin Basics+ is a Uniform School. Parents voted to have school uniforms during the 2016-2017 school year.

    Millikin Basics+ is a whole class, direct instruction model with students sitting in rows.

    Millikin Basics+ is focused on teaching at grade level and mastering the academic skills needed at each grade and in each subject.

    Millikin Basics+ has enjoyed a long tradition of being one of the top academics scoring schools on all District/State/Federal assessments.

    Millikin Basics+ wants you to apply this January to join us for the 2020-2021 school year.


    Millikin Basics+ Elementary Staff is working hard to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all students and staff. We will be changing our pick up procedures to increase having a safe campus.


    KINDERGARTEN will continue to dismiss from the Flag Pole gate at the front of the school. Extended Day and Math Enrichment Kinder students will be picked up by a person from each of those staffs.


    1st Grade Parents Must wait on the outside of the GATES (Not on CAMPUS) by the staff Forbes parking lot and along Forbes. 1st Grade Teachers will dismiss students once they see a parent or designated pick up person. Any student not picked up by an approved adult within 10 minutes will be taken to the office. Extended Day and Math Enrichment Students will be sent to their appropriate areas.


    2nd Grade Students will be walked to the GATE by the front office for dismissal. Parents may wait in front of the office or front of school for students to be dismissed.


    Cafeteria will be open after 2:26 – 2:51 for Parents to supervise homework time until upper grade students are dismissed. This is quiet learning time only. Students are not allowed to be left unattended at any time after school.


    3rd-5 th Graders – will also be dismissed from the GATE by the front office. Parents will not be allowed to wait in front of classrooms for students or in hallways. We need to know who is on campus at all times. 3rd-5th graders who go to Math Enrichment and Extended Day will be allowed to walk to their programs after school. Tell all your after school pick up programs of the new changes.


    Check out what programs are going on through Peachjar.



    Millikin Basics+ Elementary School is an alternative educational program open to all children in the Santa Clara Unified School District.

    The primary emphasis of the Basics+ program is the mastery of basic academic skills and establishment of good study habits. High standards of performance, accountability, and behavior are maintained. The program places greater responsibility on parents to develop the individual personal growth and responsibility of their children. The school places an emphasis on achieving proficiency in academic skills.