In light of the executive order to contain the novel coronavirus, Outreach and Retention specialists are available to support remotely. Program dates and deadlines are proceeding as posted.

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Building a local thriving, college-going culture that creates a workforce ready for our region’s careers.

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South Seattle College class in session

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Seattle Promise applications are closed. However, you can still apply for admissions and other scholarships and funding options at Seattle Colleges.


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The program is open to all students of eligible Seattle Public High Schools.

North Seattle College student studying

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Take advantage of the Seattle Promise scholarship.

Seattle Central College design students

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Find answers to your questions about the program.

Seattle Central College students study together

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Help ensure Seattle Promise is supported today and sustained for tomorrow.


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Our partners make the promise of the program possible.

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Tuition-free education.

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Three schools and 130 programs to choose from.

Limitless career possibilities.