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Macks The best WPSE release since CORINTHIAX, perhaps since STOP TORTURING ME. "Obsessed" and "Pain Killer" even got some '80s goth-rock vibes. Adam is definitely working to expand on WPSE's possibilities and I'm loving it. Favorite track: Obsessed.
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Torremond Rarely have I witnessed music that was this entrancing, and I certainly never expected that music which resembles some kind of rap could shatter my heart in this manner; this artist should be beloved and encouraged for his work.
Thank you, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, for still being around. I hope I can listen to more of your fantastic music before either of us will come unto our maker.
All the love from Germany, take care. <3 什么加速器可以看油管
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bloodzboi Cool im darcy. Favorite track: Pull It Forward.
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You see once I was sure, now I’m not so sure I can’t find the path that will take me forth I’ve fallen and hard, everybody knows It’s my will to ascend and be so much more Put your hands around my neck and pull it forward A man that wants you bad, unrelenting force Angel stare, devil of a body though I won’t let just anybody take control I don’t trust anybody anymore Put your hands around my neck And pull it forward Blackened vision and so tongue tied Heartbeat shallow and hard to find Back to living in water again Back to giving you all, I try I curse my sorrow in blackened room I give my whole to self to you Obsessed with what my bad other half can bring (I’m so done with the past, take ahold of me) Bad is what I missed, bad is everything (I’m serious, stand over me) To find what I have lost (I’ve severed) Flirtatious and obscene (I’m tethered) Put your legs around my waist Return to me (To torture me, forcefully) In the night I can see you clearly days I don’t see you at all (Tell the world that I’m in a bad way, waiting for it) But the wait is inconsequential, I can see clear it pays off (Finally I found the path, I’m escaping towards it) Holding out for love is pain (I’m indebted to it) Like I’m hanging from a string (forever, truly) Time for her to feel me up (I know it baby) Time for me to do the same (I know it baby) Put your hands around my neck and say my name
Nothing has passed but I just passed you Sigils I cast, I swear I cast you Sinister thoughts plague me again Why do I laugh, I feel I have to Sinister thoughts played me again How do I end up so misled When do I reach this crisis end Love takes time, skies are red Maybe I’ll cry but not today Baby for you I’ll overspend Painting the wall I’m backed against Bring it upon me Never say sorry Never look backwards Never say sorry H-A-R-D-C-O-R-E I want more than you can imagine Now I long for more than I can measure Anything asked, I won’t complain What do you want from me today Let me know how you’re feeling babe H-A-R-D-C-O-R-E Hardcore More than I remembered So I’m all for more than I can handle It’s a desire I can’t shake Taking on more than I can take What can I do to get you babe H-A-R-D-C-O-R-E Hardcore More than I remembered So I’m all for More than I can handle Anything asked I won’t complain What do you want from me today Let me know how you’re feeling babe
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I need to break the code Tell me where’s the way into your heart and mind I need a heart that’s full And free from complication that absorbs my time I need a hand to hold And $45,000 for impulsive buys I don’t want to talk about it anymore I found ways to get back what is owed to mine I think I’ve got it back Becoming something more Yet natural in state I will take the lead I talk about the path To getting to you straight I really am obsessed My baby is the best I say it all the time I wish you something great I wanna be alive Now nothing will break this spell I’m finally feeling right I want to be yours I want to go out to tonight Now that life’s stopped spiraling And I finally feel inside I want to be bad I want to go out tonight
The last time was bad This time is not much better than last Buddy I’m tired Every light is dim This too will pass Is it on your shoulder Is it even there? It’s the weight I imagine Since the last time I saw you Do you wonder Do you care? I know this moment I’ll miss It doesn’t get much better than this But the white horse will take me away From the pain I can’t kill today I’ve been down some backroads You can relate You can relax I can’t think straight I’ve been down and bad though This one’s with hate This one’s collapsed This one I’ll take I’m in the margins I’m under ice It’s the worst of decisions Mixed with headache and trauma Melodrama and me For a second I’ll wait To reflect on the past And what a self centered mess I’ve made But the white horse will take me away From the pain I can’t kill today ‘Cause after all has been said and done I am still my father’s only son


released July 31, 2020


all rights reserved



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